A photo of David M. Jacobs Ph.D. of Temple University.


Photograph of David M. Jacobs. Copyright Jack Brewer. Used with permission.

I am one of many people who have had anomalous experiences throughout their lives that cannot be explained in conventional terms.

My own experiences fit patterns which, in our culture, are often explained as “paranormal”, “UFO” or “alien abduction” experiences. I have an agnostic view of these cultural explanations; I am neither a “believer” nor a “skeptic”. However, I think that the underlying experiences giving rise to these explanations are both real and anomalous, whatever their actual origin.

My former therapist contacted “alien abduction” researcher, David M. Jacobs, PhD, of Temple University, recently retired, on my behalf. Jacobs subsequently suggested conducting hypnosis with me over the telephone. He led me to believe that I would be a research subject participating in scholarly research conducted under the auspices of Temple University, and he asked me to sign a research consent form citing the university.

Jacobs conducted ninety-one hypnotic regressions with me during thirty-seven hypnosis sessions, from December 2004 through February 2007. He conducted all the hypnosis sessions over the telephone, thousands of miles from my location. I was alone in my apartment, with no supervision.

While I was Jacobs’ research subject, his behavior became, in my considered personal opinion, increasingly bizarre and psychologically abusive. I have provided information about his conduct and research practices here, as I believe that it is a matter of public interest. I hope that this will help to prevent similar situations happening to other research subjects in the future.

There is a large volume of audio and other evidence related to this issue online. I have provided an overview of it on this page, to enable people to find relevant material quickly. For more in-depth information, please feel free to explore this site.

Jack Brewer’s New Book

Jack Brewer’s new book, The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community, addresses Jacobs’ research practices, among other topics. The book has been rising on Amazon’s bestseller lists, including making the top 100 in the Kindle Store’s category of Popular Culture.

“The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community” explores the ways deception, sensationalism and questionable ethics characterize the UFO genre. With interviews and insights from James Carrion, Leah Haley, Dr. Tyler Kokjohn, Simone Mendez, Carol Rainey, Emma Woods and others, the manipulation of ufology as perpetrated by suspect individuals and the intelligence community is documented. The circumstances prove relevant whatever personal opinion one may hold on the mystery of UFOs and their alleged occupants.”

 Carol Rainey’s Upcoming Book

Budd Hopkins and John Mack conducting hypnosis with a female subject in Istanbul.

Photograph of researchers John Mack (left) and Budd Hopkins (right) conducting hypnosis with a subject in Istanbul, in 1999. Copyright Carol Rainey.

Carol Rainey has released two excerpts from her upcoming book, The Abductionist’s Wife: A Memoir, on author Jack Brewer’s blog, The UFO Trail.

The Abductionist’s Wife provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at “alien abduction” researcher, the late Budd Hopkins’, research practices. He taught Jacobs how to perform hypnosis, although neither had professional qualifications in hypnosis or psychology. They were close collaborators in “alien abduction” research for decades, and each others best friends. When Hopkins died in 2011, Jacobs told colleagues, “I’ve just lost my mentor.”

Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)

Many people now know that while Jacobs was conducting hypnosis with me, that he implanted hypnotic suggestions in my mind that I had Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), a serious mental disorder, and that I should take medication for it. He did this even though he is not a medical professional, and he knew that I did not have it.

Jacobs has admitted publicly that he did this to me, and has tried to justify it as a convoluted and outlandish “tactic” against alleged “aliens” and “alien-human hybrids”, without regard for the potentially damaging effects on me as his research subject.

I have presented here an audio clip of Jacobs putting the hypnotic suggestions in my mind that I had MPD, during my twenty-ninth hypnosis session.

Hypnotic Suggestions – Multiple Personality Disorder (MP3) (00:02:46, 2.22MB)

Chastity Belts

Jacobs suggested to me under hypnosis that I wear a chastity belt, that “right where the vaginal opening is, it’s got a couple of nails sticking across”, which he said he would send me. He has admitted publicly to doing this, and acknowledged that he also suggested this to another subject, the late Allison Reed (pseudonym). As with his MPD suggestions, he has tried to justify it as an outlandish “tactic” against alleged “alien-human hybrids”.

I have presented here an audio clip of Jacobs suggesting that I wear a chastity belt, during my twenty-eighth hypnosis session.

Hypnotic Suggestions – Chastity Belt (MP3) (00:03:10, 2.17MB)

Women’s Underpants

Jacobs suggested to me under hypnosis that I mail him my unwashed underpants, and not to remember doing it. He has admitted publicly that he did this, and has tried to justify it by claiming that it was for the purpose of testing for alleged “alien-hybrid DNA”, and by implying that I came up with the idea myself. However, it was Jacobs’ idea, and this is backed up by the fact that Allison Reed (pseudonym) gave him her unwashed underpants, and by the fact that he tried to obtain the underpants of another subject, Elizabeth Smith (pseudonym). Additionally, he told me that although he did not test Reed’s underpants, he nevertheless kept them, and had them in a cupboard in his office. In my considered personal opinion, this is highly questionable behavior. This is especially in view of the fact that he did this to me in conjunction with an attempted post-hypnotic amnesia block to try to prevent me from remembering it.

I have presented here an audio clip of Jacobs telling me to send him my unwashed underpants, and not to remember doing it, during my twentieth hypnosis session.

Hypnotic Suggestions – Send Underpants & Don’t Remember It (MP3) (00:03:14, 2.59MB)

Sex and Violence

Jacobs engaged in extensive leading and suggestion while conducting hypnosis with me, including suggestions of violent assault, rape, and outlandish “sexual procedures”. He told me that alleged “alien-human hybrids” were going to contact me, have sex with me and dominate me, and that “hybrids” often sexually assaulted “abductees” and were in a “total power situation” over them.

It is clear from Jacobs’ books, articles, and public talks that he has studied the literature on hypnosis. He is fully aware of the fact that the use of leading and suggestion during hypnosis causes people to confabulate false memories. In my considered personal opinion, the leading and suggestion that he engages in is so overt that it can be considered purposeful, ensuring that his subjects confabulate false hypnotic memories of a narrative that he wants, without regard to the effects on them. His actions arguably amounted to the systematic implantation in my mind of horrifying false memories of violent assault and rape, which I will have for the rest of my life.

Violence and Sexual Assault

One of many instances of Jacobs’ leading and suggestion occurred during my twelfth hypnosis session. While I was hypnotized, Jacobs told me that alleged “alien-human hybrids” were violent and sexually assaulted people.

Hypnotic Leading – Violence and Sexual Assault (00:00:29, 408 KB)

Pure Sexual Assault

In addition to leading me while I was hypnotized, Jacobs often talked to me just before he put me in a hypnotic state about what to expect to remember. One of many instances of him doing this occurred at the beginning of my fourteenth hypnosis session. Jacobs told me that another subject had been sexually assaulted by three alleged “hybrids” at once, and that it was “absolutely pure sexual assault.” He said that the “hybrids” did not care what they did to the woman because they knew she was going to forget, so they could do anything that they wanted to her and they did. Jacobs told me that she did not remember it the next day. It appears that she only “remembered” it while being hypnotized by him.

Pre-Hypnotic Leading – Pure Sexual Assault (MP3) (00:00:48, 666 KB)

For further information about this, see:

Hidden Camera in a Female Subject’s Bedroom

While I was Jacobs’ research subject, he told me that he once tried to put a video camera in a female research subject’s bedroom without her knowledge. He said that he had received funding from a wealthy benefactor to conduct covert surveillance on an “abductee” as part of his research, and that the benefactor had stipulated that his identity be kept confidential.

Jacobs claimed that the female research subject signed a release saying that he could conduct covert surveillance of her. He said that he subsequently enlisted the help of a neighbor to install a video camera in her bedroom without her knowledge. Another woman who heard about the plan was horrified, and went to the wealthy benefactor and told him what Jacobs was trying to do. Jacobs said that the benefactor was angry that his name had been disclosed to the woman who complained, since no one was supposed to know it, and he pulled the funding. Jacobs was disparaging of the woman who had gone to the benefactor, and told me that she was just “obsessed with ethics”.

During an interview on the Paracast show on October 18, 2015, Jacobs talked about trying to install a hidden camera in the woman’s bedroom window. In my considered personal opinion, this event is one of many that shows that Jacobs does not adhere to accepted community standards of ethics in regard to his research subjects.

Audio excerpt from the Paracast radio show, October 18, 2015 — Dr. David Jacobs. It is used here for the purposes of non-profit education, comment, and criticism, in accordance with the fair use legal doctrine incorporated in U.S. copyright law.

The Paracast – David M. Jacobs and a Hidden Camera (MP3) (0:01:38, 1.50MB)

Free Hypnosis to Avoid Being Sued

Jacobs does not charge a fee for conducting hypnosis with his subjects. While I was hypnotized during my eighteenth hypnosis session, he told me that neither he, nor his close friend and mentor, the late Budd Hopkins, had ever accepted any money from their research subjects, in order to avoid being sued. He said that had been a “happy arrangement” for him.

Hypnosis Session Statement – Doesn’t Accept Money To Avoid Being Sued (MP3) (00:01:06, 908 KB)

The Alleged ICAR

Statement on David M. Jacobs' website about ICAR - December 12, 2015.

Screenshot of a statement about the alleged ICAR on the homepage of David M. Jacobs’ website. It is used here for the purposes of non-profit education, comment, and criticism, in accordance with the fair use legal doctrine incorporated in U.S. copyright law.

Jacobs has a statement in a prominent position on the homepage of his website in which he says:

“Welcome to ICAR … The International Center for Abduction Research (ICAR) is an organization devoted to the dissemination of trustworthy information about UFO abductions. … David M. Jacobs is the Director of the ICAR and there is a small Board.”

However, when questioned about the alleged “ICAR” on the Coast to Coast AM radio show on December 15, 2006, Jacobs admitted that he is the sole member. In effect, there is no “organization” and no “Board”.

Audio excerpt from the Coast to Coast AM with George Noory radio show, “UFO Abductions”, on December 15, 2006. It is used here for the purposes of non-profit education, comment, and criticism, in accordance with the fair use legal doctrine incorporated in U.S. copyright law.

Coast to Coast AM – David M. Jacobs and the Alleged ICAR (MP3) (0:00:20, 327KB)

Other Subjects’ Complaints

Jacobs has made public statements falsely implying that I am the only one of his approximately 150 research subjects who has complained about him, and that therefore my allegations are unfounded.

For example, during an interview on the Coast to Coast Am radio show, he told host George Knapp that I was the “only serious problem” that he had, and that “one out of a hundred and fifty” was “not a bad track record”.

Audio excerpt from the Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp radio show, “ET Hybrids / Ultraterrestrials”, on December 19, 2010. It is used here for the purposes of non-profit education, comment, and criticism, in accordance with the fair use legal doctrine incorporated in U.S. copyright law.

Coast to Coast AM – David M. Jacobs’ Track Record Claims (MP3) (0:00:20, 327KB)

Contrary to what Jacobs implies, however, I know of a number of other subjects who have complained about him. In fact, he told me about some of them himself.

For example, while I was hypnotized during my eighteenth hypnosis session, Jacobs told me about one of his former subjects who had complained about him. He made a number of extremely offensive remarks about her, including statements that, in my considered personal opinion, were untrue and calculated to portray her in a false light so that I did not take her criticisms of him seriously. He also disclosed identifying personal information about her. I have provided the following audio clip of him telling me about her complaint, but have omitted his offensive comments, and the identifying information that he disclosed.

Hypnosis Session Statement – Another Subject’s Complaint (MP3) (00:00:20, 322 KB)

Reviews of David M. Jacobs’ Latest Book

A photo of the cover of Dr. David M. Jacobs' Book 'Walking Among Us'.

My Review

I have provided here the first parts of my review of Jacobs’ latest book, Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity, published on September 1, 2015. Included are audio clips from my hypnosis sessions that demonstrate, in my considered personal opinion, the extent of Jacobs’ dishonesty regarding his research practices, and the damaging effects on his subjects.

A Scientist’s Review

For a scientists review of Walking Among Us by microbiologist Tyler A. Kokjohn, PhD, see:

‘The Unrecognized Revolutions – A Review of Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity by David M. Jacobs’, by Tyler A. Kokjohn

(Kokjohn is a professor of microbiology at Midwestern University. His research interests include a range of subjects in microbiology, virology, and biochemistry. As a scientist, he collaborated on Project Core, a year-long scientific data gathering survey on “paranormal” experiences.)

Video Response

In October 2015, Jacobs published a website in which he makes numerous untrue and defamatory statements about me. In my considered personal opinion, he has done this in an attempt to discredit me personally, so that the information I have made known about his conduct is not listened to.

A member of the public, Joe Gooch, published a YouTube video in response to Jacobs’ website.

Dr (of History) David Jacobs Exposes Himself! Or: Defending the Indefensible

Author, filmmaker, and podcast host, Jeremy Vaeni, addressed Gooch’s video on his blog, JayVay.

“Joe Gooch has responded eloquently to David Jacobs’ self-destructive website dedicated to exonerating himself of unethical conduct in regards to former research subject “Emma Woods.”

“Who is Joe Gooch? He’s an experiencer. He’s a human being. He’s not a talk show host. He’s not a researcher. He’s an observer of this fiasco, an outsider with no agenda. And watching him in the video below–watching how uncomfortable this man gets at speaking about the truly uncomfortable parts–the anger and despair boiling underneath the mature composure of his presentation reminds me why I care so much about this case: because in reality it is a simple moral question with a simple moral answer. It’s not about facts vs. other facts or spinning a story.

“The David Jacobs case, as it should now rightly be referred, is about ethics and, beyond that, morals. …

“If you’re unfamiliar with the David Jacobs case, this is an excellent primer. If you’re familiar and feel nothing about it, or take Jacobs’ “side,” behold the basic human compassion you’re missing inside of you as exemplified here. That, because everything Joe is saying is factually accurate and it’s from David’s own website. All Joe is doing is listening, reading, explaining, and reacting with the normal amount of emotion such critiques provoke.”

Paranormal Waypoint

Paranormal Waypoint logo.

Hypnosis and Alien Abduction: Not Out of the Woods Yet

Jeff Ritzmann, host of the former Paranormal Waypoint radio show, along with guests Jack Brewer, Jeremy Vaeni, and microbiologist Tyler A. Kokjohn, examined audio from my hypnosis sessions and telephone calls with Jacobs. The audio was played on the show. Brewer subsequently addressed the show on his blog, The UFO Trail, and posted some of the audio there as well.

“Focus was upon the case of Emma Woods and its mishandling by the now retired Temple University historian Dr. David Jacobs. …

“Ritzmann put a great deal of preparation into the episode, taking listeners on an informative and revealing audio tour of the case via taped interactions between Woods and Jacobs. Both were fully aware the recordings were being made at the time of their creation.

“The Woods/Jacobs tapes provide irrefutable documentation of unsettling and often disturbing circumstances. Recordings presented and considered – which have long been public thanks to Woods – included interactions from the initial hypnotic regression sessions Jacobs began in 2004 and conducted by telephone. Ritzmann also took listeners through taped exchanges in which Woods confronted Jacobs about discrepancies in his ongoing and increasingly outrageous suggestions. Tapes were also played and discussed in which Woods attempted to clarify circumstances with Jacobs, who threatened her with consequences if she did not either support his conclusions or remain silent.”

Paranormal Waypoint February 4, 2014: Hypnosis and Alien Abduction: Not Out of the Woods Yet (MP3) (3:15:21, 179 MB)


Paratopia logo.

Jeff Ritzmann and Jeremy Vaeni, hosts of the former Paratopia podcast, addressed Jacobs’ questionable research practices in several shows.

The Emma Woods Tapes

Ritzmann and Vaeni examined the recordings of my telephone conversations with Jacobs, during which he tried to intimidate me, in my considered opinion, into not talking publicly about his behavior towards me as his research subject. The audio was played on the show.

“Jeff and Jeremy dissect Emma Woods’ phone conversations with Dr. David Jacobs regarding the termination of their relationship. This episode asks the important question: Who presents the bigger threat to us, aliens or the researchers looking into them?”

Paratopia 57: The Emma Woods Tapes (MP3) (02:47:28, 77 MB)

Emma Woods: The Interview

“In this world exclusive interview, Emma Woods finally speaks out about her real experiences with the paranormal and the tragic turn her life took as a research subject of Dr. David Jacobs. Dr. Jacobs has yet to make a public statement about Emma’s allegations and documentation, but she has received word from Temple University, the school for which he works and in which she claims she was lead to believe this work was for. She also received a letter from Jacobs’ fellow abduction researcher and friend, Budd Hopkins. What they have to say may appall you.”

Paratopia 60: Emma Woods: The Interview (MP3) (02:00:32, 69 MB)

Threatened By Hybrids

“David Jacobs finally released a defense regarding Emma Woods and his use of telephone hypnosis. We examine his damage control campaign including his recent appearance on The ”show that shall not be named here” with Budd Hopkins. Then we read a surprising email by Budd’s co-author on Sight Unseen and ex-wife, Carol Rainey regarding our Emma Woods interview, specifically Budd’s letter to Emma.”

Paratopia 62: Threatened By Hybrids (MP3) (02:16:40, 63 MB)

Brian Reed Vindicates Emma Woods

“In what will most likely be our final episode on the Emma Woods/David Jacobs debacle, experiencer and former friend of ”Elizabeth” & Dr. Jacobs, ”Brian Reed,” steps forward to fill in the blanks and vindicate Emma. Finally, she is not alone.”

(Brian Reed (pseudonym) is another former research subject of Jacobs.)

Paratopia 94: Brian Reed Vindicates Emma Woods (MP3) (02:30:44, 86 MB)

Future Theater

Future Theater logo.William J. “Bill” Birnes, PhD, and Nancy Hayfield Birnes of the Future Theater radio show addressed Jacobs’ questionable research practices in several shows.

(Birnes was the consulting producer and lead host of the television show UFO Hunters. He has written and produced shows for Lifetime television, A&E, and the History Channel.)

Jeff Ritzmann, Jeremy Vaeni

“Jeremy and Jeff have been investigating the Emma Woods allegations against Professor David Jacobs of Temple University. In this in-depth conversation, Jeff and Jeremy talk about hypnosis in general and hypnosis used for abductee research in particular.”

Future Theater # 18: Jeff Ritzmann, Jeremy Vaeni

Emma Woods

“Tonight we speak with the very gentle, very interesting Emma Woods. This is, of course, not her real name. She put a very intimate part of her life online a few years ago, and as a result the UFO petrie dish has become fertilized with a whole new meme: the myth of hypnotic retrieval.”

Future Theater # 63: Emma Woods

Emma Woods 2.5

“Now that David Jacobs has published a new book of alien hybrid tales and enjoyed a round of controversy-free publicity, it’s time to talk about what is really going on behind Jacobs’s hypnotic telephone voice. It’s a compelling story, and one that can be verified.

“Joining us tonight to discuss this difficult topic will be Jack Brewer and Alfred Lehmberg.”

Future Theater # 268: Emma Woods 2.5

Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland

Whitley Strieber's Dreamland show banner.

Author and radio host Whitley Strieber addressed the questionable research practices of Jacobs and his close friend and mentor, the late Budd Hopkins, in an episode of Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland Show. Subscribers to Striebers’ Unknown Country website can access the show archive there.

(Strieber is a well-known author of horror novels, including The Wolfen and The Hunger, and has written a series of best-selling books about his anomalous experiences. The first, Communion, was made into a film starring Christopher Walken.)

A Difficult Problem: The Hopkins-Jacobs Controversies

“In recent months, serious questions have been raised about the validity of the abduction research of David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins. Jeremy Vaeni has been following this controversy, and here Whitley Strieber asks him just what has happened to raise questions about their research methods and conclusions. … This is a provocative, insightful look into a very thorny and controversial subject.”

Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland: A Difficult Problem: The Hopkins-Jacobs Controversies


Cover of UFO Magazine featuring Jeremy Vaeni's article on Dr. David M. Jacobs and Emma Woods.

The following articles contain substantial information about Jacobs’ research practices and his conduct towards me as a research subject.

UFO Magazine (Vol. 24, No. 1 #154)

Paratopia Magazine (Vol. 1, Issue 1)

Jeremy Vaeni

Tyler A. Kokjohn, PhD

Raymond E. Fowler

Jack Brewer

Emma Woods

Jeff Ritzmann

Carol Rainey

Gary Haden

Nancy Hayfield Birnes

Alfred Lehmberg

Matt Graeber

Research Practices

For additional information about Jacobs’ conduct and research practices, including issues of informed consent, breach of privacy and confidentiality, sexual exploitation by a helping professional, threats, intimidation, and defamation, see:

Biographical Information

Photo of Emma Woods.

For biographical information about me, see:

My Hope

I am trying, in the only way that I know how, to make my story known, so that others will not suffer the same treatment from Jacobs, or from any other researchers.

Unfortunately, the phenomenon of anomalous experiences is still so suppressed by society, that there are few places people can turn to for help. There appear to be no effective regulations in place to protect vulnerable experiencers of the phenomenon. It seems as though word of mouth is the main protection that we have at this time.