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In mid 2002, my former therapist, Justin Armstrong (pseudonym), wrote a psychological assessment of me at my request prior to his retiring.

My former therapist says in the assessment that I had never undergone hypnosis, which at that time was correct. However, I later became a research subject of alien abduction researcher, David M. Jacobs, PhD, of Temple University, who conducted a series of hypnosis sessions with me.

Jacobs has the original complete and signed psychological assessment. In 2006, he published a copy of it on his own website, although before doing so he edited the punctuation and Americanized the language and spelling.

I have presented here the original psychological assessment, with potentially identifying and private information redacted.

Psychological Assessment Update

In June 2008, my former therapist wrote an additional statement confirming his 2002 psychological assessment of me.

Jacobs Fails to Disclose Psychological Assessment

While Jacobs had me in the vulnerable hypnotized state, he implanted hypnotic suggestions in my mind that I had Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). He used leading and suggestion to implant false hypnotic memories in my mind of violent assault and rape, suggested to me that I wear a chastity belt, and asked me to mail him my unwashed underpants and not to remember doing it.

Any competent mental health professional would recognize Jacobs’ conduct as appalling psychological abuse. My former and current therapists both support me in making his conduct known as a matter of public interest.

Jacobs has tried to discredit the information I have made public about his conduct by falsely implying that I am suffering from a “personality disorder”. In a defamatory statement about me on his website, he claims that he has “consulted confidentially” with a “variety of psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists” and that their consensus is that my “behavior” in making this known is consistent with a “personality disorder”. In an attempt to cover himself regarding this outrageous statement. Jacobs adds that of course those “medical professionals” could not  make a “formal diagnosis” without seeing me.

Jacobs consistently fails to disclose that he has a formal psychological assessment from my former therapist, who was in a position to actually make that assessment, that I do not suffer from any “personality disorders”.