I would like to extend my thanks to all the wonderful people in the UFO community who helped me through the difficult time of making the research practices of David M. Jacobs, PhD., of Temple University, recently retired, publicly known.

I am especially grateful to those who raised the issues publicly themselves, and who helped shine the light of public scrutiny on them. It is my hope that this will result in positive change for the future, and help to protect other research subjects.

Additionally I would like to thank Carol Rainey, and all those who supported her, for making known the research practices of Jacobs and his close friend and fellow “alien abduction” researcher, the late Budd Hopkins.

Many people have contacted me privately, and have offered their support, help, and advice, for which I am indebted.

A number of radio and podcast shows have asked to interview me. Although I have only participated in a few interviews, I nevertheless appreciate all their offers.

I am grateful to everyone who has addressed the matter in blog posts and comments, forum posts, and on social media. Their public recognition of the ethical issues involved, and of what they have meant for me personally, has helped to keep up my morale.

Thank you to all of you from the bottom of my heart.