A photo of Jeremy Vaeni sitting on cooled lava in Hawaii.

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Jeremy Vaeni has published, and contributed to, a series of articles critiquing “alien abduction” research, including that of David M. Jacobs, PhD, of Temple University, recently retired, in UFO Magazine (American version), and on the blogs JayVay, The UFO Trail, and the former UFO Mag Blog.

Vaeni is a filmmaker, award-winning writer, and former columnist for UFO Magazine (American version). He is the author of several books including  I Know Why the Aliens Don’t Land! and Urgency. As well as writing, he hosts The Experience podcast at Whitley Strieber’s Unknown Country, in which he interviews experiencers of high strangeness phenomena, and co-hosts the Paratopia: Oculus podcast. An anomalous experiencer, he collaboated on Project Core. Keep up with him through Project Core, The Experience, Paratopia: Oculus, his blog, JayVay, and his YouTube channel.

UFO Magazine

The #154 issue of UFO Magazine contains feature articles by Vaeni and Alfred Lehmberg on Jacobs’ work with me as his research subject. William J. “Bill” Birnes, PhD, who at that time published UFO Magazine, also addresses the matter in his “Publisher’s Note”. The articles can be accessed here:





The UFO Trail

UFO Mag Blog

Vaeni’s UFO Mag Blog articles can also be accessed through the Wayback Machine internet archive.