Cover of Paratopia Magazine featuring Carol Rainey's and Dr. Tyler Kokjohn's articles on alien abduction.

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The first issue of Paratopia Magazine  contains features articles by Carol Rainey and Tyler A. Kokjohn, PhD, on alien abduction research. In addition, it has an article by myself on the protection of experiencers as human research subjects.

Rainey is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and writer. She is also the former wife of alien abduction researcher, the late Budd Hopkins. For over ten years, she worked closely with Hopkins on many of his cases of alleged alien abduction. For further information on what eventually led Rainey to write her important article, see:

Kokjohn is a professor of microbiology at Midwestern University. His research interests include a range of subjects in microbiology, virology, and biochemistry.

Rainey, Kokjohn, and the publishers of Paratopia Magazine, Jeremy Vaeni and Jeff Ritzmann, kindly allowed me to provide PDF files of the articles on this website.

Paratopia Magazine (Vol. 1, Issue 1)