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The LogDriver blog contains a moving article by Sue Johnson on how aspects of David M. Jacobs’ conduct towards me resonated with her own similar experience in the past. It also has articles by her on the Ambient Monitoring Project (AMP) and the dynamics between “alien abduction” researchers and their subjects. In addition, she has contributed to an article on Jack Brewer’s blog, The UFO Trail. about science and ufology.

Johnson is an occasional blogger on the paranormal. She has a BA from the State University of New York, Albany, in sociology with a minor in religious studies, and an MA in sociology from the University of California, Berkeley. Her wide-ranging interests include western esoterica, the sociology of science, and the philosophy of knowledge.  Aside from her academic training, she trains as a Soto Zen Buddhist and martial artist. Keep up with her through her blogs, LogDriver and The Superplex.


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