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On May 26, 2016, David M. Jacobs, Ph.D., of Temple University, recently retired, claimed on his website that I am using a sockpuppet to “perpetuate the false impression of an independent party” lending me their support. He went on to post a series of screen shots of forum posts and an Amazon book review by Harvey J. Price, claiming that I wrote them.

I would like to state for the record that I have never written anything claiming to be “Harvey Price”. All the posts that Jacobs claims I wrote in Price’s name were not written by me, but by Price himself.

Harvey Price has released an audio statement in response to Jacobs, and has kindly allowed me to post it on this website.

Harvey J. Price’s Audio Response to David M. Jacobs’ Accusation of Sockpuppeting (MP3) (00:04:58, 11.4MB)

One of the pieces of “evidence” that Jacobs has posted is a screenshot of an Amazon review of a fiction book that has nothing to do with Ufology, that is on Harvey Price’s account, and signed “Emma”. Obviously if I had been using Price’s name as a sockpuppet, I would not have used the name Emma, but it appears that Jacobs has not thought of that. Someone Price knows, who is called Emma, used his account with his permission to post a review and signed her name to show it was not him. I would suggest that Jacobs contacts Price himself about it, who I am sure will put him straight on that.

In my considered personal opinion, Jacobs is continuing to try to portray me in a negative light, in an attempt to deflect attention away from the information that I have made public about his treatment of me as a research subject. I think that it is very sad, but unfortunately it does not surprise me since I have come to expect such behavior from him.

New Development

Following Price’s audio statement, Gene Steinberg, host of the Paracast Show, contacted Price and asked him to send him photographic identification to prove that he had made the audio statement. Price provided Steinberg with photographic identification and confirmed that he had made the audio statement.

Steinberg emailed me and said that Price had provided him with photographic identification. He told me that he would urge Jacobs to retract the sockpuppeting article on his website.

On May 28, 2016, Jacobs subsequently retracted his sockpuppeting accusation on his website, stating:

New evidence has come to light that definitively demonstrates that Harvey J. Price is indeed a real person and not a sockpuppet created by Emma Woods. The evidence was a photo ID that was sent to Gene Steinberg after Steinberg requested it.

In light of this new evidence I have removed the “Evidence of Emma Woods’ Sockpuppeting” webpage that detailed evidence supporting the sockpuppeting hypothesis.

However, Jacobs did not apologize to Price for making the accusation, which he now euphemistically calls a “hypothesis”. Jacobs moreover put a spin on his retraction, stating:

Based on the above evidence [the forum posts and Amazon reviews referred to above] the hypothesis of sockpuppeting was a logical one. If that evidence was never posted online through this website a definitive answer to this issue (by way of a photo ID from Harvey J. Price) would never have been found.

What Jacobs fails to acknowledge is that no one apart from him had ever thought that Harvey Price was my sockpuppet, and that Jacobs was the only person who had made the accusation in the first place.

I would like to thank Harvey Price for going to the trouble of releasing an audio statement, and for providing Gene Steinberg with photographic identification. It is greatly appreciated.


One irony regarding Jacobs’ accusation that Price was a sockpuppet of mine, is that Jacobs has used a sockpuppet himself to post on forums. During one of my hypnosis sessions with Jacobs, he told me that when he wanted to participate in a forum discussion without anyone knowing who he was, that he pretended to be a young woman in her twenties called “Lucille Scott”. He also has a Hotmail email account set up in that name.