Excerpt from David Jacobs book about how hybrids are violent to abductees.

Traumatizing Research Subjects

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Hypnotic Questioning

David M. Jacobs, PhD, a recently retired associate professor of history at Temple University, briefly mentions his hypnotic questioning technique in his latest book, Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity.

In ‘Chapter One: Abductees and Their Testimony’, Jacobs says:

“During a hypnosis session, I ask logical and chronological questions that can hardly be considered leading or suggestive. … I often leave my questions open-ended so my own opinions do not influence their answers.”

Contrary to what Jacobs claims, however, he uses extensive leading and suggestion while conducting hypnosis with his subjects. Moreover, his leading is often of dominance, violence, and sexual assault.

Hypnosis with Jacobs

I am a former research subject of Jacobs, and he conducted 91 hypnotic regressions with me during 37 hypnosis sessions over a two-year period. He told me that I was one of three subjects with whom he had done the most hypnosis.

Jacobs told me that he was going to feature my case in the book. However, after I ended my association with him, I withdrew permission for him to do so.

A Second-Class Situation

One of numerous instances of Jacobs using hypnotic leading occurred during my eighth hypnosis session. While I was hypnotized, he told me if I were to remember an “alien-human hybrid” having a conversation with me, that the “hybrid” would set the tone of the conversation and that it would be led by him. He said that it involved a mental alteration, which would put the “hybrid” in the lead, and me in a  “second class situation”.

Hypnotic Leading – A Second-Class Situation (MP3) (00:01:18, 1.04 MB)

A Total Power Situation

In addition to leading me while I was hypnotized, Jacobs often talked to me just before he put me in the hypnotic state about what to expect to remember. One instance of him doing this occurred at the beginning of my fourteenth hypnosis session. Jacobs told me that “hybrids” had a wide range of sexual  desires built into them, that they knew they could do anything they pleased, and that it was a “total power situation”.

Pre-Hypnotic Leading – A Total Power Situation (MP3) (00:01:16, 1.01 MB)

Pure Sexual Assault

During the discussion at the beginning of my fourteenth hypnosis session, Jacobs told me that another subject had been sexually assaulted by three “hybrids” at once, and that it was “absolutely pure sexual assault.” He said that the “hybrids” did not care what they did to the woman because they knew she was going to forget, so they could do anything that they wanted to her and they did. Jacobs told me that she did not remember it the next day. It appears that she only “remembered” it while being hypnotized by him.

Pre-Hypnotic Leading – Pure Sexual Assault (MP3) (00:00:48, 666 KB)

Edited Verbatim Hypnosis Transcripts

In ‘Chapter One: Abductees and Their Testimony’, Jacobs says:

“In this book, I use edited verbatim [hypnosis] transcripts … I have pared most of the transcripts down to their essentials, removing tangential conversations between the abductee and me as well as other extraneous utterances. In all cases, I have preserved their exact meaning and context.”

In my considered personal opinion, it is probable that Jacobs edited out the “tangential conversations” between himself and his subjects because these would have shown the extent to which he uses leading and suggestion to implant hypnotic memories in his subjects minds.

Violence to Stop People from Talking

In ‘Chapter Six: Integrated Hubrids’, Jacobs says:

“Abductees are not to talk about the program to anyone. They must do exactly what security hybrids dictate. If the abductees continue to talk in the face of pressure, violence can be used to stop it. … They routinely instill headaches into those who describe their experiences to researchers. They push women backward to the floor and pick them up by their hair. They press their thumbs into abductees cheeks, causing pain but leaving no mark. If an abductee is still recalcitrant, they may resort to vivid death threats, and they sometimes force abductees’ heads into water until they think they are drowning. Insubordinate women have had cuts made to their genital area.”

Sexual Intimidation, Violence, and Death Threats

During my eleventh hypnosis session, while I was hypnotized, Jacobs told me that “hybrids” had threatened a research subject called Betsy (pseudonym), sexually intimidated her, and thrown her around the room. He said that they had brought her daughter out of her bedroom into the living room, and intimated that they could be having sex with her too. He told me that they had put in Betsy’s mind that he (Jacobs) would be harmed, and that they would kill him or have him kill himself.

Hypnotic Leading – Sexual Violence & Death Threats (MP3) (00:00:57, 792 KB)

Violence and Sexual Assault

During my twelfth hypnosis session, while I was hypnotized, Jacobs told me that “alien-human hybrids” were violent and sexually assaulted people.

Hypnotic Leading – Violence and Sexual Assault (MP3) (00:00:29, 408 KB)

Sexually Hostile

During my thirteenth hypnosis session, while I was hypnotized, Jacobs told me that “hybrids” could be sexually aggressive and even hostile.

Hypnotic Leading – Sexually Aggressive and Hostile (MP3) (00:01:11, 979 KB)

Husband Strangling Children

During my thirteenth hypnosis session, while I was hypnotized, Jacobs told me that “hybrids” had threatened Betsy and her family, and had shown her horrendous scenes of her husband strangling her children. He said that they had also threatened him (Jacobs).

Hypnotic Leading – Husband Strangling Children (MP3) (00:00:23, 330 KB)

Violence in The Threat

The theme of violence and abuse in Jacobs’ subjects’ hypnotic memories predates Walking Among Us. He provides detailed accounts of violent assault and rape in his previous book, The Threat, published in 1998.

In ‘Chapter Ten of The Threat: Independent Hybrid Activity’, Jacobs says:

“Intentional cruelty is an important component of hybrid interaction with abductees—especially in sexual situations.”

Hypnotic Memories

It is essential to understand that the violent memories that Jacobs’ subjects “recover” during hypnosis with him are not only almost certainly false memories implanted by him, but that they feel like real memories. The likelihood is that most of his subjects believe that these things actually happened to them, because the memories feel the same as their real memories.


In The Threat: ‘Chapter Ten: Independent Hybrid Activity’, Jacobs says:

“Some hybrids demonstrate such cruelty that their ‘projects’ live in fear of being subjected to it again. Deborah’s case is a good example of an abusive relationship in which the hybrid rules through fear, intimidation, and punishment.”

Jacobs provides a transcript from one of Deborah’s hypnosis sessions:

“He slaps me. He hits me. He’s never done that before. He pushes me against the wall. … He has his hand under my chin. he tells me he can break my neck if he wants to. … I keep on hearing him yelling. he pushes me to the floor. He’s standing over me and I’m lying down. he says, “I’m in total control. … He gets so angry, he hits me. … he hits me with his fist. … He hits me full force on my jaw. …He’s on top of me. He’s hurting me. He keeps on yelling at me, “:You selfish bitch, all you think about is yourself.” While he’s doing it. … It hurts! …  Everything inside hurts. … My jaw still hurts from when he hit me.”


In The Threat: ‘Chapter Ten: Independent Hybrid Activity’, Jacobs says:

“Five hybrids of different stages accosted Laura in her room one night.”

Jacobs provides a transcript from one of Deborah’s hypnosis sessions:

“There’s like five of them coming in from the foot of my bedroom. … They came in a cluster, but the one is coming up ahead. He doesn’t look happy. He looks mean. … God, he’s on top of me. … I’m looking over toward my bedroom door, ’cause three of them are going in, they’re going into the kids’ room. My kids are going to see this shit. … I’m being told this is going to happen to my kids. I’m wishing I was dead. … he gets off of me and there’s another one coming over. I can see that first one going over to [my daughter] Janey. Oh, God. …He’s telling me he’s going to make her do things if I don’t stop. … I’m down alongside my bed on my knees. I’m doing oral sex on this son of a bitch! … Now, this is what they’re gonna make Janey do if I don’t stop this. And probably the other ones. I feel such shame.”


In The Threat: ‘Chapter Ten: Independent Hybrid Activity’, Jacobs says:

“Beverly’s experiences were similar. On one occasion, three hybrids … came into her room, took her out of bed, and began a night of sexual intimidation and terror. … Then the hybrids told Beverly that they could take her body whenever they wanted and that she was vulnerable and never safe. One hybrid raped her, and she was forced to perform fellatio upon another. They pinched her, twisted her skin, and hurt her without leaving marks. They pushed an unlit candle into her vagina. They then told her she had caused her children to be abducted.

“In a different abduction event, the hybrids put images in Beverly’s mind of themselves as her close friends. They then raped her and forced her to perform fellatio with two other hybrids. They hit her, bit her, pinched her, and pulled her hair. On another occasion hybrids made her envision her six-year-old daughter walking into a room ringed with naked hybrids who had erections; she was led to believe that her daughter would be raped by all of them.

“During yet another event, the hybrids sat Beverly in a chair, stood around her, and filled her mind with horrendous images. She saw a graveyard with the bodies of people she loves, including her children, who had been hacked to death and were covered with blood. … She saw a crucifixion scene with loved ones, including her children, hanging on crosses. Then the hybrids put images of religious figures in her mind and assaulted her.”

Little Conscience

In The Threat: ‘Chapter Ten: Independent Hybrid Activity’, Jacobs says:

“Because the late-stage hybrids are mainly human, they have strong sexual drives but little conscience. it is as if they have human attributes but lack human controls. Even if they do have a conscience, they know that the human victim will immediately forget what has happened to her. The hybrid might assume that there is no lasting effect upon the human and he therefore can do and say anything he pleases with impunity. … Without effective controls, the late-stage hybrids are ‘free’ to express their aggressive tendencies.”

Confabulating Traumatic False Memories

Not surprisingly, as a result of Jacobs’ extensive leading and suggestion during my hypnosis sessions, I, too, began to confabulate horrifying false hypnotic memories of violent assault and rape. Even though I now know that these are false memories, they nevertheless feel real. I will have them for the rest of my life.

A Purposeful Agenda

It is clear from Jacobs’ books, articles, and public talks that he has studied the literature on hypnosis. He is fully aware of the fact that the use of leading and suggestion during hypnosis causes people to confabulate false memories.

In my considered personal opinion, the leading and suggestion that Jacobs engages in is so overt that it can be considered purposeful, ensuring that his subjects confabulate traumatic false hypnotic memories of violence and sexual assault, to fulfill an undisclosed agenda of his, with utter disregard for the effects on his subjects.