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Jeff Ritzmann of the Paranormal Waypoint radio show addressed “alien abduction” research over several shows. He kindly allowed me to provide MP3 files of those shows on this website.

Author Jack Brewer, one of the guests on Paranormal Waypoint, provided commentary on the shows on his blog, The UFO Trail, which is quoted from here.

Ritzmann is an artist, digital imaging expert, and anomaly researcher. He co-hosts the Paratopia: Oculus podcast, and hosted the Paranormal Waypoint radio show. An anomalous experiencer, he initiated Project Core, a year-long scientific data gathering survey on “paranormal” experiences. Keep up with him through Paratopia: OculusProject Core, Paranormal Waypoint, and the Paranormal Waypoint Blog.

Brewer’s new book, The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community, addresses Jacobs’ research practices, among other topics. His interest in the paranormal and subsequent navigation of the UFO community led him to become convinced critical thinking was often sorely lacking. He supports healthy skepticism balanced with keeping an open mind. Brewer’s research and writing integrate objectivity and relevant facts into assessments of the all too prevalent fantastic UFO dogma. His interests include alleged alien abduction and the intelligence community. Keep up with him through his blog, The UFO Trail, and contact him through his blogger profile.

Paranormal Waypoint Shows

Paranormal Waypoint January 14, 2014: Regressive Hypnosis

“Jeff Ritzmann, host of Paranormal Waypoint on KGRA Radio, recently undertook a three-part series of shows dedicated to addressing challenges within research of alleged alien abduction. The series … began with reviewing information presented by psychologist Dr. Scott Lilienfeld. The doctor explained the lack of reliability in the use of hypnosis as a memory retrieval tool.” (Source: “Paranormal Waypoint Series: Problem, Evidence, Result”, by Jack Brewer.)

Paranormal Waypoint January 14, 2014: Regressive Hypnosis (MP3) (1:52:07, 103 MB)

Paranormal Waypoint January 28, 2014: Carol Rainey

“Ritzmann’s second episode included guest Carol Rainey, an award-winning filmmaker, author, grant writer and ex-wife of [Budd] Hopkins. Rainey drew both widespread support and emotionally-based criticism from the UFO community in 2011 when she published The Priests of High Strangeness: Co-Creation of the “Alien Abduction Phenomenon”, an article documenting poor research practices by Hopkins and his misrepresentation of events. Rainey followed up the essay by posting videos demonstrating Hopkins’ exaggerations, including one clip in which the writer himself described his misleading portrayal of circumstances as stacking the deck.” (Source: “Paranormal Waypoint Series: Problem, Evidence, Result”, by Jack Brewer.)

(Hopkins taught Jacobs how to perform hypnosis, although neither had professional qualifications in hypnosis or psychology. They were close collaborators in “alien abduction” research for decades. Rainey’s article can be accessed here: Paratopia Magazine Articles (PDFs Provided).)

Paranormal Waypoint January 28, 2014: Carol Rainey (MP3) (1:52:27, 103 MB)

Paranormal Waypoint February 4, 2014: Hypnosis and Alien Abduction: Not Out of the Woods Yet

“… this writer was pleased to be among guests on Jeff Ritzmann’s Paranormal Waypoint. The show was a special three-hour finale to Ritzmann’s multi-episode exploration of research of alleged alien abduction. Focus was upon the case of Emma Woods and its mishandling by the now retired Temple University historian Dr. David Jacobs. Fellow guests were microbiologist Dr. Tyler Kokjohn and author Jeremy Vaeni.

“Ritzmann put a great deal of preparation into the episode, taking listeners on an informative and revealing audio tour of the case via taped interactions between Woods and Jacobs. Both were fully aware the recordings were being made at the time of their creation.

“The Woods/Jacobs tapes provide irrefutable documentation of unsettling and often disturbing circumstances. Recordings presented and considered – which have long been public thanks to Woods – included interactions from the initial hypnotic regression sessions Jacobs began in 2004 and conducted by telephone. Ritzmann also took listeners through taped exchanges in which Woods confronted Jacobs about discrepancies in his ongoing and increasingly outrageous suggestions. Tapes were also played and discussed in which Woods attempted to clarify circumstances with Jacobs, who threatened her with consequences if she did not either support his conclusions or remain silent.” (Source: “The Woods/Jacobs Tapes and the ‘Oral History’ Falsehood”, by Jack Brewer. Includes several of the audio clips played on the show.)

(Ritzmann has provided all of the audio clips played on the show on his Paranormal Waypoint website: ‘The Waypoint Files: February 4th, 2014: Hypnosis and Alien Abduction: Not Out of the Woods Yet’.)

Paranormal Waypoint February 4, 2014: Hypnosis and Alien Abduction: Not Out of the Woods Yet (MP3) (3:15:21, 179 MB)

Paranormal Waypoint June 24, 2014: UFOs Cover Up?

“The topic of Jeff Ritzmann’s latest Paranormal Waypoint was alleged UFO cover up. … I particularly appreciated Ritzmann’s willingness to address at length the complexities of UFOs as they relate to spy games, deception operations and disinformation. … As Ritzmann explained, there are actually many reasons the intelligence community might take an interest in manipulating circumstances and reports surrounding public perception of UFOs.” (Source: “Exploring the UFO Cover Up”, by Jack Brewer.)

Paranormal Waypoint June 24, 2014: UFOs Cover Up? (MP3) (1:58:03, 108 MB)

Paranormal Waypoint August 20, 2014: Jack Brewer

“I accepted Jeff’s invitation to be on the show … to discuss a chain of events that became known as the Carpenter Affair. … John Carpenter is a former MUFON director of abduction research. He is a social worker and hypnotist who supports the literal reality of alien abduction. … While serving as the MUFON director of abduction research, John Carpenter provided Robert Bigelow with copies of case files of some 140 possible alien abductees. This was done in exchange for cash and without the informed consent of the experiencers, some of whom had been his paying clients. Additionally, I was presented evidence during the course of researching the circumstances that Carpenter created and marketed tapes of regressive hypnosis sessions. The chain of events was dubbed the Carpenter Affair.

“Further research revealed, as one investigator stated, “Everyone does it,” referring to both selling case file information and having sex with hypnosis clients. In the circumstances of John Carpenter, he married two former hypnosis clients.

“I assert that such research conditions are unscientific and encourage bias. Specifically, John Carpenter was financially motivated to persuade research subjects to narrate extraordinary experiences. I also assert that having sexual relations with research subjects creates dysfunctional dynamics to the point of calling the entire body of work into serious question.” (Source: “Discussing the Carpenter Affair on Paranormal Waypoint”, by Jack Brewer.)

(Robert Bigelow is an American hotel and aerospace entrepreneur, and the founder of Bigelow Aerospace. For further information see: Robert Bigelow – Wikipedia and Bigelow Aerospace. Carpenter worked closely with Jacobs and Hopkins, and they shared a number of research subjects. Both Carpenter and Hopkins had sexual relations with some of their subjects.)

Paranormal Waypoint August 20, 2014: Jack Brewer (MP3) (1:48:24, 99 MB)