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Jeremy Vaeni and Jeff Ritzmann of the former Paratopia podcast addressed the questionable research practices of David M. Jacobs, PhD, of Temple University, recently retired, and the problems in “alien abduction” research, in several shows. They kindly allowed me to provide MP3 files of those shows on this website.

Ritzmann is an artist, digital imaging expert, and anomaly researcher. He co-hosts the Paratopia: Oculus podcast, and hosted the Paranormal Waypoint radio show. An anomalous experiencer, he initiated Project Core, a year-long scientific data gathering survey on “paranormal” experiences. Keep up with him through Project Core, Paratopia: OculusParanormal Waypoint, and the Paranormal Waypoint Blog.

Vaeni is a filmmaker, award-winning writer, and former columnist for UFO Magazine (American version). He is the author of several books including  I Know Why the Aliens Don’t Land! and Urgency. As well as writing, he hosts The Experience podcast at Whitley Strieber’s Unknown Country, in which he interviews experiencers of high strangeness phenomena, and co-hosts the Paratopia: Oculus podcast. An anomalous experiencer, he collaboated on Project Core. Keep up with him through Project Core, The Experience, Paratopia: Oculus, his blog, JayVay, and his YouTube channel.

The full Paratopia podcast archive is available at Paratopia.

Paratopia Shows

Paratopia 57: The Emma Woods Tapes

“Jeff and Jeremy dissect Emma Woods’ phone conversations with Dr. David Jacobs regarding the termination of their relationship. This episode asks the important question: Who presents the bigger threat to us, aliens or the researchers looking into them?”

Paratopia 57: The Emma Woods Tapes (MP3) (02:47:28, 77 MB)

Paratopia 60: Emma Woods: The Interview

“In this world exclusive interview, Emma Woods finally speaks out about her real experiences with the paranormal and the tragic turn her life took as a research subject of Dr. David Jacobs. Dr. Jacobs has yet to make a public statement about Emma’s allegations and documentation, but she has received word from Temple University, the school for which he works and in which she claims she was lead to believe this work was for. She also received a letter from Jacobs’ fellow abduction researcher and friend, Budd Hopkins. What they have to say may appall you.”

Paratopia 60: Emma Woods: The Interview (MP3) (02:00:32, 69 MB)

Paratopia 62: Threatened By Hybrids

“David Jacobs finally released a defense regarding Emma Woods and his use of telephone hypnosis. We examine his damage control campaign including his recent appearance on The ”show that shall not be named here” with Budd Hopkins. Then we read a surprising email by Budd’s co-author on Sight Unseen and ex-wife, Carol Rainey regarding our Emma Woods interview, specifically Budd’s letter to Emma.”

Paratopia 62: Threatened By Hybrids (MP3) (02:16:40, 63 MB)

Paratopia 94: Brian Reed Vindicates Emma Woods

“In what will most likely be our final episode on the Emma Woods/David Jacobs debacle, experiencer and former friend of ”Elizabeth” & Dr. Jacobs, ”Brian Reed,” steps forward to fill in the blanks and vindicate Emma. Finally, she is not alone.”

(Brian Reed (pseudonym) is another former research subject of Jacobs.)

Paratopia 94 – Brian Reed Vindicates Emma Woods (MP3) (02:30:44, 86 MB)

Paratopia 101: Carol Rainey & Dr. Tyler Kokjohn

“Carol Rainey and Dr. Tyler Kokjohn speak for the first time about their articles in Paratopia Magazine. This discussion evolves into some answers as to where we go from here and what it will take to make abduction research scientifically legitimate.”

(Carol Rainey is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and writer. She is also the former wife of Jacobs’ close friend and mentor, “alien abduction” researcher, the late Budd Hopkins. For over ten years, she worked closely with Hopkins on many of his cases of alleged alien abduction. Tyler A. Kokjohn, PhD, is a professor of microbiology at Midwestern University. His research interests include a range of subjects in microbiology, virology, and biochemistry. As a scientist, he collaborated on Project Core, a year-long scientific data gathering survey on “paranormal” experiences. For Rainey’s and Kokjohn’s Paratopia Magazine articles, see: Paratopia Magazine Articles (PDFS provided).

Paratopia 101: Carol Rainey & Dr. Tyler Kokjohn (MP3) (2:11:21, 75 MB)

Paratopia 162: Nancy Birnes

“Nancy Birnes comes out swinging against the latest shady David Jacobs hypnosis tapes. Then she fields some tough questions from The Jer. Finally, she… takes over the show? Yes, that’s right, Nancy Birnes confiscates the show and interviews Jeff about his life as an experiencer. This is one heck of an interesting episode and it is an extended one. Our longest show yet, clocking in at just over 3 hours!”

(A reporter since the 11th grade in high school, Nancy Hayfield Birnes graduated from Princeton University, summa cum laude, and has won awards for writing, including the Samuel Shellabarger Award for Creative Writing. Together with her husband,  William J. “Bill” Birnes, she hosts the Future Theater show. They set up the Shadow Lawn Press book production company, and have produced, written, and edited books on a wide variety of topics. For many years they published and edited UFO Magazine (American edition).

Paratopia 162: Nancy Birnes (MP3) (03:03:19, 126 MB)