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A promising new development in Ufology is Project Core, a year-long scientific data gathering survey on “paranormal” experiences.

Three scientists and two anomalous experiencers collaborated on Project Core:

  • Kimbal E. Cooper, PhD, a physiologist whose research interests include mathematical models of physiological processes

  • Tyler A. Kokjohn, PhD, a microbiologist whose research interests include a range of subjects in microbiology, virology, and biochemistry

  • Ellen K. Tarr, PhD, a comparative immunologist whose research interests include antimicrobial peptides produced by tardigrades and nematodes, the effects of stress on the immune system, and parasitic worms

  • Jeff Ritzmann, an artist, digital imaging expert, internet radio host, anomaly researcher, and anomalous experiencer

  • Jeremy Vaeni, an author, filmmaker, talk show host, and anomalous experiencer

Just over 200 Project Core respondents provided details of their “paranormal” experiences. They were asked not to edit or sanitize their experiences, such as by holding back bizarre or self-negating details. Additional psychological, physiological, ancestral heritage, and outlier data was gathered.

Importantly, the survey excluded “paranormal” experiences recalled through hypnosis, and the testimony of respondents who had been hypnotized, to avoid gathering false hypnotic memories.

Vaeni’s blog, JayVay, contains an article by Kokjohn on Project Core

In the article, Kokjohn explains the purpose of Project Core:

While the often fleeting and unpredictable nature of paranormal events complicates their study, it is possible to investigate certain aspects of them scientifically. Project Core was created to initiate that process.

Kokjohn suggests how the scientific process begun by Project Core can be built upon in the future:

The Project Core survey is best viewed as a departure point to construct hypotheses to be confirmed or refuted through additional work. Some potential lines of inquiry are already clear. …

The inherent challenge of paranormal phenomena investigation suggests that many attempts to describe and comprehend them may be deemed crude and unsatisfactory. We should anticipate needing to systematically eliminate biases, refine ideas and explore alternative approaches as new data and insightful constructive criticisms dictate.

For a statistical analysis of the results of Project Core, the original survey form questions, and commentaries by select members of Project Core, see: