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William J. “Bill” Birnes, PhD, has published several books on the UFO phenomenon and the paranormal. Radio host Art Bell called Birnes’ latest book, UFO Hunters: Book Two, “a page turner,” in a cover quote. Publisher’s Weekly called the first book in the series “fun and fascinating.” In their review they said, “The author’s attention to detail and dedication to covering every angle makes this a must-have for devotees of the program, and it’s engrossing enough to lure newcomers into the weird world of UFOs.”

Birnes has both a PhD and a law degree, and was the consulting producer and lead host of the television show UFO Hunters. He has written and produced shows for Lifetime television, A&E, and the History Channel. Prior to that, he taught linguistics at Trenton State College, and has worked for the U.S. Department of Justice, the DEA, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Together with his wife, Nancy Hayfield Birnes, he hosts the Future Theater show. They set up the Shadow Lawn Press book production company, and have produced, written, and edited books on a wide variety of topics. For many years they published and edited UFO Magazine (American edition). Keep up with Birnes through the Future Theater show.

UFO Hunters: Book Two

 “Using eyewitness accounts and information from footage never before seen on television, author William Birnes takes readers on the hunt for the real truth about flying saucers, what they are, and why they’re here. This is the second companion to the popular HISTORY series and should delight fans in every way.”

The Haunting of Twenty-First-Century America

“… national bestselling authors William J. Birnes and Joel Martin explore today’s intellectual and spiritual awakening―one that is challenging traditional belief systems.

“Birnes and Martin show that, though many governments deny the importance of a spiritual component to national policy, even the most conservative governments have based social and financial policy decisions on a profound belief in the existence of the paranormal, ghosts, and spirits. From using psychic spying programs to gather intelligence on enemy nations to investigating the use of mind control to impede the abilities of hostile troops, the U.S. government has continuously developed paranormal weapons and tactics alongside their more mundane counterparts. U.S. Presidents from Franklin Pierce through Ronald Reagan regularly relied on the paranormal, using trance mediums, channelers, and astrologists to help plan agendas and travel schedules.

“The Haunting of Twenty-First-Century America is unlike any American history you will ever read―it posits that not only is the paranormal more normal than most people think, but that it is driving current events to a new “Fourth Culture” of the twenty-first century.”

UFO Hunters: Book One

“UFO Hunters® follows the team of bestselling author William J. Birnes, former NASA physicist Dr. Ted Acworth, and former US Army engineer Pat Uskert as they investigate UFO cases around the world. The team’s access to UFO evidence is unparalleled-and their expertise allows them to quickly identify bogus claims. Together, they use eyewitness accounts, scientific experimentation, documents recently released through the Freedom of Information Act, and footage that has never been seen on television to piece together compelling-and sometimes chilling-evidence of UFOs. This book is the companion to the popular HISTORY® series and contains previously unseen documentary evidence and case details.”

The Everything UFO Book

“In this fascinating guide, UFO expert William J. Birnes covers everything from theories about the nature of UFOs to where you’re likely to find them; from case studies of alien encounters to the scientific studies of otherworldly visitors. Other topics include:

  • The beginnings of modern “Ufology” in the age of rockets
  • A history of military and pilot encounters with UFOs
  • Twenty-first-century UFO sightings around the globe
  • Types of equipment needed to capture UFOs on film or video

“With reports from credible witnesses and lists of government documents that actually admit to the existence of UFOs, this is the only guide you need to ground yourself in this exciting subject!”

The Haunting of America

“In the tradition of their Haunting of the Presidents, national bestselling authors Joel Martin and William J. Birnes write The Haunting of America: From The Salem Witch Trials to Harry Houdini, the only book to tell the story of how paranormal events influenced and sometimes even drove political events. In a narrative retelling of American history that begins with the Salem Witch Trials of the seventeenth century, Martin and Birnes unearth the roots of America’s fascination with the ghosts, goblins, and demons that possess our imaginations and nightmares. The authors examine the political history of the United States through the lens of the paranormal and investigate the spiritual events that inspired public policy: channelers and mediums who have advised presidents, UFOs that frightened the nation’s military into launching nuclear bomber squadrons toward the Soviet Union, out-of-body experiencers deployed to gather sensitive intelligence on other countries, and even spirits summoned to communicate with living politicians.

“The Haunting of America is a thrilling exploration of the often unexpected influences of the paranormal on science, medicine, law, government, the military, psychology, theology, death and dying, spirituality, and pop culture.”

Unsolved UFO Mysteries

“Focusing on unsolved sightings of UFOs and encounters by people in a variety of situations, the authors [William J. Birnes and Harold Burt] combine their files to present a number of baffling UFO situations that remain unexplained by conventional science.”

The UFO Magazine UFO Encyclopedia

“This is the most up-to-date, comprehensive guide to the study of UFOs and extraterrestrial contact in print today. With more than 5,000 entries, revealing photographs, diagrams, and commentary of experts in the field, The UFO Magazine UFO Encyclopedia draws from a database of seventeen years’ worth of articles, opinion, and research on such diverse subjects as:
• Alien encounters, abductions, and eyewitness accounts
• Theories of time and space travel
• Psychokinesis, astral projection, and teleportation
• Evidence of extraterrestrial presence on Earth, past and present
• The possibilities of antigravity propulsion and interstellar travel
• The new science of cloning, and the now-infamous Raelian cult
And much more!
Whether you consider yourself a hard-line skeptic or a true believer, or are simply fascinated by the existence of otherworldly visitors, this authoritative volume will prove to be an essential reference work for anyone wanting to learn about the still-controversial world of UFO and extraterrestrial investigations.”