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In October 2015, Dr. David M. Jacobs, PhD, of Temple University, recently retired, published a website in which he makes numerous untrue and defamatory statements about me. In my considered personal opinion, he has done this in an attempt to discredit me personally, so that the information I have made known about his conduct and research practices is not listened to.

Video Response

A member of the public, Joe Gooch, published a YouTube video in response to Jacobs’ website, on his YouTube channel, TheManInTheDarkness.

Gooch is a paranormal experiencer, who grew up in a haunted house in a legendarily haunted town in the U.K. He posts videos and blogs of his experiences on his website, Ripples in a Pool of High Strangeness, and on his YouTube channel. Keep up with him through Ripples In A Pool Of High Strangeness and his YouTube channel.


Dr (of History) David Jacobs Exposes Himself! Or: Defending the Indefensible (29:04)

Jeremy Vaeni Article

Author Jeremy Vaeni addressed Gooch’s video on his blog, JayVay.

Vaeni is a filmmaker, award-winning writer, and former columnist for UFO Magazine (American version). He is the author of several books including  I Know Why the Aliens Don’t Land! and Urgency. As well as writing, he hosts The Experience podcast at Whitley Strieber’s Unknown Country, in which he interviews experiencers of high strangeness phenomena, and co-hosts the Paratopia: Oculus podcast. An anomalous experiencer, he collaboated on Project Core. Keep up with him through Project Core, The Experience, Paratopia: Oculus, his blog, JayVay, and his YouTube channel.


“Joe Gooch has responded eloquently to David Jacobs’ self-destructive website dedicated to exonerating himself of unethical conduct in regards to former research subject “Emma Woods.”

“Who is Joe Gooch? He’s an experiencer. He’s a human being. He’s not a talk show host. He’s not a researcher. He’s an observer of this fiasco, an outsider with no agenda. And watching him in the video below–watching how uncomfortable this man gets at speaking about the truly uncomfortable parts–the anger and despair boiling underneath the mature composure of his presentation reminds me why I care so much about this case: because in reality it is a simple moral question with a simple moral answer. It’s not about facts vs. other facts or spinning a story.

“The David Jacobs case, as it should now rightly be referred, is about ethics and, beyond that, morals. …

“If you’re unfamiliar with the David Jacobs case, this is an excellent primer. If you’re familiar and feel nothing about it, or take Jacobs’ “side,” behold the basic human compassion you’re missing inside of you as exemplified here. That, because everything Joe is saying is factually accurate and it’s from David’s own website. All Joe is doing is listening, reading, explaining, and reacting with the normal amount of emotion such critiques provoke.”