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Jeremy Vaeni and Jeff Ritzmann posted several videos about the research practices of David M. Jacobs, PhD., of Temple University, recently retired, on Vaeni’s Dancemonster YouTube channel. They also addressed the reaction of certain sections of the UFO field to the issue.

Ritzmann is an artist, digital imaging expert, and anomaly researcher. He co-hosts the Paratopia: Oculus podcast, and hosted the Paranormal Waypoint radio show. An anomalous experiencer, he initiated Project Core, a year-long scientific data gathering survey on “paranormal” experiences. Keep up with him through Project Core, Paratopia: OculusParanormal Waypoint, and the Paranormal Waypoint Blog.

Vaeni is a filmmaker, award-winning writer, and former columnist for UFO Magazine (American version). He is the author of several books including  I Know Why the Aliens Don’t Land! and Urgency. As well as writing, he hosts The Experience podcast at Whitley Strieber’s Unknown Country, in which he interviews experiencers of high strangeness phenomena, and co-hosts the Paratopia: Oculus podcast. An anomalous experiencer, he collaboated on Project Core. Keep up with him through Project Core, The Experience, Paratopia: Oculus, his blog, JayVay, and his YouTube channel.


Jer’s Paratopia Vlog #5 (14:26)

“Part 1 of 3 – Jer welcomes Jeff Ritzmann to his vlog to talk about some of the fallout from Jer’s Emma Woods cover story in UFO Magazine. Together, they challenge the use of hypnosis in alien abduction research as well as the sleazy stylings of one Gene Steinberg, where Emma is concerned.”

Jer’s Paratopia Vlog #6 (14:12)

“Part 2 of a conversation with Jeff Ritzmann on the Emma Woods case and misuse of hypnosis in ufology.”

Jer’s Paratopia Vlog #7 (14:24)

“The third and final installment of my sit-down chat w/Jeff Ritzmann regarding the use of hypnosis in alien abduction research and the mistreatment of Emma Woods.”

Jer’s Paratopia Vlog #10 (13:52)

“I address why I think ufology is a boys club. This segues into an untidy little rant on how Gene Steinberg’s disinformation campaign against Carol Rainey, Emma Woods, and Paratopia–as well as Paul Kimball’s taking pot shots at me–is really missing the point. The point is this: While they snipe at the people making a positive difference in ufology, they are hurting those who need protection: the human research subjects of book authors using hypnosis to probe their minds for “memories” they can sell to the public.”

Jer’s Paratopia Vlog #11 (14:31)

“My final word on the David Jacobs nonsense and all things ufology for a while.”