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Take a Chill Pill…

I have provided information on this website about the research practices of David, M. Jacobs, Ph.D., a recently retired associate professor of history at Temple University, and about his conduct towards me as a research subject. It is my hope that by doing so I can help to prevent other people from being harmed in the way that I was.

Since making this information public, I have received a large number of supportive emails and messages. I am very grateful for all the support that I have received.

Now and then, however, I receive abusive and threatening emails from people who appear to be having difficulty processing the information that I have presented on this website as a matter of public interest.

I have decided that from now on I will publish those emails and messages here, so that people can see the types of responses that whistle-blowers in the UFO community  have to deal with. Thankfully, most people do not respond this way.

My advice to the people who wrote the following emails/messages, or who are considering writing something similar, is to take a deep breath, calm down, and try to relax.  Your emails do not frighten or concern me, and you are wasting your time writing them. They will be posted here, where everyone can see them, and then I will never think of them again. I understand that you are human beings with issues, and I wish you well. Hopefully you can move on to better pastimes.

Emma Woods
October 2016

Message from “Joey Williams”

October 22, 2016

Unlike most people that don’t here both sides of a story, I heard both yours and Dr. Jacobs and after listening to each of you I know now that you are full of shit and are a crazy bitter woman. Those tapes u played were edited and don’t tell the whole story, u are just mad because he got rid of your crazy ass and u no he could see right through your bullshit and u were scared that a man with his credibility was gonna expose u when he left, so u figured that u would try and make him look like the bad person before he did it to u. Sound about right? Unlike the rest of these morons that support u, I do my homework. I bet if I were to really do some digging I could find out a lot of nutty stuff about u from people in your family as well as people from your past. I bet u can’t even find 2 ex boyfriends to say that u are a good and normal person? Well let’s see what I can find out about u. Your a evil and bitter person and your day will come soon, karma gets everyone and u have a lot of karma coming your way, but I’m sure it’s already been getting u back. I bet your life is shit and u are a miserable person, but the reason your life is like this is because of all the lies and crazy stuff u do to people, it will never change and u will never be a happy person until u change the way u are, and make the things u did to other people right. I know u don’t want to die a bitter angry lonely person, change before it’s to late. I will pray for u.

Message from “Bravo”

September 12, 2016

Watching you….soon…